Swansea Bay Pride

::Important Announcement::

The Trustees of Spectrum South West Wales (the charity that has run the Swansea Pride event since 2009) met last week to discuss a range of issues relating to the Pride event this year and the running of the charity in more general terms.

The Trustees have regrettably come to the conclusion that they must cancel this year’s event and start proceedings to wind down the charity with immediate effect. The current and former Trustees are no longer in a position to organise the event which effectively is unpaid work full time for two months each year.

The Trustees reached out to other organisations and groups and realised there was little or no capacity in these organisations and groups; a new host organisation for Swansea Pride could not be found. Organising Swansea Pride, which receives minimal public sector financial support in the current climate of austerity, is a huge financial undertaking requiring tens of thousands of pounds to be raised; all of which takes time, time the event has historically relied upon the Trustees to donate. Rather than continue to disappoint the public with more cancelled events, the Trustees feel, following their second cancelled event, it is now time to call it a day on this chapter of Swansea Pride.